To create a good environment for scientific research, we must make up our mind, maintain perseverance, identify the core of gravity, and accelerate the core technology breakthrough in the information field.

The new research results are applied to the production and experimental process of new products, new materials and new processes. Its characteristics are: strong test, shorter time, less risk and larger cost. Using the existing knowledge obtained from the research and practical experience or from the introduction of the technology from the outside, the substantial improvement is made for the production of new products, devices, and the establishment of new processes and systems.

YIZHI lecture hall, adhering to the high-end temperament, invites well-known scholars and experts to make up the top lecturers, looking at the hot topics of agriculture, exploring new life ideas, providing the best platform for the lecture hall, and creating a feast for the Chinese people in the world. Professional, high quality knowledge sharing platform, sharing product technology and successful experience, and growing up with Internet users.

Serving the masses is in the front line, pushing the project in the front line, safety supervision is in the front line, and there is no trivial matter in safety production.



Yi Zhi is a research and development, production, service marketing.


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Care for the green development of crop service users

Culture of YiZhi

The key to cultural development lies in landing. The core of landing is the unity of enterprise values. Corporate culture is the core competitiveness of enterprises, and it can not be duplicated. The highest level of competition among enterprises is cultural competition.
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Development of YiZhi

Plant protection industry is the key to the development of new agriculture. Adhere to the policy of "prevention mainly, comprehensive prevention and control", and establish the concept of "scientific plant protection, public plant protection, green plant protection"
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Perseverance and glory

YiZhi agriculture has long absorbed professional talents, and through the joint work with famous professors and agricultural experts, the knowledge study of crop management is strengthened, and high efficiency, low toxicity, low residue and environmental protection pesticide products are constantly developed.
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